Welcome to Karen Gillan Fan - your most complete online resource for the Scottish actress. Currently best known for her role as companion Amy Pond in Doctor Who, Karen will next be seen in upcoming Indie thriller Oculus as well as Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy! Keep checking back for the latest news and images!
    Jul 24: Video – Guardians of the Galaxy Featurette – Gamora & Nebula Jul 24: Gallery – “Guardians of the Galaxy” European Premiere – First Look! Jul 22: Gallery – “Guardians of the Galaxy” Los Angeles Premiere
Jul 24, 2014
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Jul 24, 2014
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Karen is back in the UK this evening, in London at the European premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy! The first images from this premiere have been added to the gallery!

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Events and Appearances > 2014 > July – “Guardians of the Galaxy” European Premiere (London)

Jul 22, 2014
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Last night Karen attended the Los Angeles premiere of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy! She looked amazing, rocking a purple Prada dress with Stuart Weitzman sandals and jewelry by EF Collection and Jennifer Meyer.

Over 240 high quality images have been added to the gallery, with a huge huge thank you to Nicole for the majority of them!

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Events and Appearances > 2014 > July – “Guardians of the Galaxy” Los Angeles Premiere [+ 248]

Jul 21, 2014
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Two promotional images from A Touch of Cloth have been added to the gallery!

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On Screen > 2014 – A Touch of Cloth 3 > Promotional Images [+ 2]

View the trailer for A Touch Of Cloth III: Too Cloth For Comfort by clicking here. The series is rumoured to air from August 9th on Sky1/Sky1HD in the UK.

In the third series, things get personal when DCI Cloth investigates the grisly murder of his estranged brother Terry (a bewigged John Hannah). Catching the killer won’t be easy, but at least the troubled detective can count on the support of his formidable team, notably DI Oldman, who has suddenly developed a drinking problem. Look out for former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan as fresh-faced recruit Kerry Newblood.

Jul 16, 2014
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Yesterday Karen attended the TCA’s for the Selfie panel, alongside co-star John Cho! Both looked fabulous, with Karen looking especially lovely!

With a combined thank you to Nicole, Jimmy and Kieran, I have added over 100 high quality images to the gallery from the Red Carpet and Panel!

Whilst at the TCAs – Karen and John took part in a gorgeous photoshoot session! High quality images have also been added to the gallery!

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Events and Appearances > 2014 > July – “Selfie” TCA’s – Red Carpet [+ 98]
Events and Appearances > 2014 > July – “Selfie” TCA’s – Panel [+ 16]
Photoshoots and Sessions > Sessions > 012 – “Selfie” @ TCA’s 2014 [+ 23]

Jul 16, 2014
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My first post of this evening, is a mixture of events images that we were missing and promotional images from Selfie and The List!

I apologise for the lateness in this update – my offline life has gone pretty mad with work overtime going slightly through the roof! Hopefully, normal updates will resume soon!

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Jul 09, 2014
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Jul 02, 2014
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Jul 02, 2014
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A modern take on My Fair Lady, ABC’s new fall comedy Selfie stars Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy) and John Cho (Harold & Kumar, Star Trek).

Having shot the pilot — with production beginning this summer on more episodes — the two actors had a quick chat with me about their characters’ dynamics, what it’s like for Gillan to play someone so extreme and working with series creator Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory).

Oh, and I snuck in one quick bit about Guardians of the Galaxy…

IGN TV: You’re doing a modern interpretation of a very classic tale. What’s the dynamic like between your characters?

Karen Gillan: Well, I play a character called Eliza, who is very active on social media, very obsessed with herself, her Twitter account and her various Facebook profiles. Then she realizes that she doesn’t really have any friends in real life, so then she hires Henry…

John Cho: Played by John Cho.

IGN: The lovely John Cho.

Cho: The super-handsome John Cho. She hires Henry to make her respectable, to teach her how to be a real person, sort of. It starts from there. I’m not sure where we’ll go in the season, but it’s been fun!

Jun 27, 2014
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You can’t help but love Karen Gillan. With her fiery red hair, dimples, and delightful Scottish brogue, you may find yourself rooting for her character even when she’s playing a villain (as she does in this August’s release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy). And learning how fiercely the actress has fought for her success only makes her more appealing.

Raised in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands (she now calls West Hollywood home when she’s in the US), the young Gillan was always enamored of the arts. “I started taking acting classes when I was around 13,” she says. “I was just obsessed with it. I would take them every night after school.” Her mother, Marie, who works in a supermarket, and father, John, who aids people with learning disabilities, are not performers themselves but were always very supportive. “They’ve never shown any sort of doubt about me going into this profession,” Gillan says. “[And] if your parents never show doubt, you never do yourself, and that’s probably the best thing they’ve given me.”

By the time Gillan was 15, her dedication appeared to have paid off: She was accepted into acting school in London. But family finances proved too tight, and she had to decline the offer. “I remember going around, trying to raise money,” she says. “But I couldn’t afford to go. I was devastated.” Two years later, when she was old enough to apply for student loans, Gillan moved back to London for school and landed her first gig mere months later.

While a turn on Doctor Who has made her a familiar face in England, this summer’s starring role in Guardians and the lead in ABC’s fall comedy, Selfie, are set to thrust the actress into the American limelight. And, in what seems to be a theme in Gillan’s career, her role of Nebula, the evil alien antagonist to the Avengers, required serious sacrifices. “My agent called and said, ‘They’re looking for someone to play this role. Are you willing to shave your head?’” she recalls. “I said, ‘Sure,’ thinking it wouldn’t happen because it’s Marvel!” Three auditions and a screen test later, the controversial buzz cut was hers.

In addition, Gillan spent months learning basic martial arts training as well as choreographed fight scenes, many of which were shot with costar Zoë Saldana. “[The role] was exactly the extreme sort of thing I was looking for,” she says. “To transform for a role was really appealing.”

Morphing herself into characters is one aspect of acting that has always fascinated Gillan: “I’d be a psychologist if I weren’t acting,” she says. “Human behavior is so interesting to me. I feel like [as an actor] you can examine it because you’re emulating it.”

As for her next project? Gillan is open to anything, with one caveat: “Something different from all the other things I’ve done,” she laughs.